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Paedii Luchs

Born in Switzerland, surrounded by the mighty expanse and the natural beauty of the Bernese Alps, which without a doubt are one of the most impressive mountain chains in the world, I was immersed in the coexistence of nature at an early age. Therefore, it came to me naturally to develop an interest in mountain sports such as skiing as soon as I could participate. A long-time later, skiing was the reason I discovered the art of photography. While filming and taking pictures with friends, the first video clips and short sketches were made. This interest grew into a love for this form of art. Over time, I specialized in photography with long exposures and subsequently developed the surrealistic style that I have.

paedii luchs outdoor landscape photographer switzerland
paedii luchs landscape outdoor photography switzerland

Panasonic Lumix

My choice for a camera system was of course strongly influenced by skiing; when I started out, I did research on fast and compact cameras. I needed a system that was easily packed and robust. A camera that endures a day in my backpack while jumping, speeding and sometimes crashing. The autofocus system was decisive at that time for me. And to this day, I rely on that autofocus system most of the time.
Starting as a filmer, I quickly realized that this system is equally good for photography and videography. Some of the cameras have some advantages on videography, like the GH5, others focus more on photography, like the G9. However, they are all outstanding in both fields in my opinion.

Some years later, I could work on some projects with my friends at LUMIX Switzerland. The most recent work of mine is a short clip I shot while testing the new Lumix S full-frame camera: Lumix S – Full-frame without compromise

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paedii luchs outdoor landscape photographer switzerland

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